Thursday, September 8, 2011

Science Experiment Procedures


1.Gather your materials
2.Get the 2 smooth pinto beans, 2 plastic cups ruler, soil, Sunny D, 
permanent marker water, graduated cylinder, pencil and paper.
3.Grab 1 of your cups and set it gently on the table.
4.Now fill up your cup with soil , gently to about half of the cup.
5.With your index finger poke a hole into the soil to about 1/2 a cm deep.
6.Place your bean in the hole, make sure your hand is close to the cup.
7.Cover up the bean with 3 pinches of soil.
8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the next cup.
9.Grab your graduated cylinder and your Sunny D. 
10.Pour your Sunny D into the graduated cylinder to about 5 and pour it into the cup.
11.Rinse the graduated cylinder and pour 5 ml of water into it
12. Pour the water into the cup.
13. Next, record your data on how much the plant has grown each day.

1. Gather your materials.
2.Get the 2 beans, 2 plastic cups, a ruler, and the soil.
3.Grab one of  your cups and measure it with your ruler on how tall it  is to 1/2 inches.
4 Now fill up your cups with soil, gently to the 1/2 inch spot.
5. With your finger poke a little hole to like about 2 cm deep.
6. Place your bean in the hole, make sure your hand is near the cup.
7. Cover up the bean with soil to about 2 inches.
8.Repeat steps 3-7 for the next cup.

What I learned from the process is that I 
missed some steps and my steps never made sense.

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  1. This is really good=). Its good to learn from the mistakes(=. . .Besides that I like how you did your Bean Procedures!